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Nicole Ebber (Track A Lead), Jaime Anstee (Track B Lead), & the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Strategy/Wikimedia_movement/2017/People|engagement support teams]]</div></div> 06:10, 18. marec 2017 (CET)
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==Wikimania 2017 scholarship programme==
Following the tradition of previous years, Wikimedia Polska Association has launched the ’’’Wikimania 2017’’’ scholarship programme. One international scholarship will be awarded this year, for the conference which will take place in Montreal, Canada, August 9-13. If you meet the requirements described in the [[:pl:chapter:UZ 2017-15/załącznik/en|ruleset]], you may submit your application by April 7, 2017 to the email address provided in the ruleset. With kind regards, [[Uporabnik:Wojciech Pędzich|Wojciech Pędzich]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:Wojciech Pędzich|pogovor]]) 19:13, 21. marec 2017 (CET)