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I would support the accession of the Slovene Wikisource to the Global Bot Project. --[[Uporabnik:FriedrickMILBarbarossa|FriedrickMILBarbarossa]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:FriedrickMILBarbarossa|pogovor]]) 02:20, 9. julij 2018 (CEST)
== Global preferences are available ==
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Global preferences are now available, you can set them by visiting your new [[Special:GlobalPreferences|global preferences page]]. Visit [[mw:Help:Extension:GlobalPreferences| for information on how to use them]] and [[mw:Help talk:Extension:GlobalPreferences|leave feedback]]. -- [[User:Keegan (WMF)|Keegan (WMF)]] ([[m:User talk:Keegan (WMF)|talk]])
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