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== Words hyphenated across pages in Wikisource are now joined ==
Hi, this is a message by [[User:Candalua|Can da Lua]] as discussed [[:s:it:Wikisource:Bar/Archivio/2018.09#Un_sogno_antico_diventa_realtà!|here]] for [[:m:Global message delivery/Targets/Wikisource Communities|wikisource communities]]
The ProofreadPage extension can now join together a word that is split between a page and the next.
In the past, when a page was ending with ''"concat-"'' and the next page was beginning with ''"enation"'', the resulting transclusion would have been ''"concat- enation"'', and a special template like [[:d:Q15630535]] had to be used to obtain the word ''"concatenation"''.
Now the default behavior has changed: the hyphen at the end of a page is suppressed and in this case no space is inserted, so the result of the transclusion will be: ''"concatenation"'', without the need of a template. The "joiner" character is defined by default as "-" (the regular hyphen), but it is possible to change this. A template may still be needed to deal with particular cases when the hyphen needs to be preserved.
'''Please share this information with your community.'''
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