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brez povzetka urejanja
(ping admins)
:[[User:Hladnikm|Hladnikm]], [[User:Janezdrilc|Janezdrilc]], [[User:MZaplotnik|MZaplotnik]], [[User:Mhladnik|Mhladnik]], [[User:Romanm|Romanm]], [[User:Smihael|Smihael]], [[User:Wailer|Wailer]], all ok then? --[[Uporabnik:Nemo bis|Nemo bis]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:Nemo bis|pogovor]]) 12:39, 2. julij 2014 (UTC)
::Hi, it is OK with me. Uploading was hidden from the menu anyway to encourage uploading to Commons. Since this is rather harmless technical improvement and no-one else expressed their disagreement I think it is ok to install it on sl.wikisource too. I'm hardly pressed for time, so I would be glad if one of the stewards could take any further steps possibly needed. --[[Uporabnik:Smihael|Smihael]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:Smihael|pogovor]]) 14:36, 8. julij 2014 (UTC)