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Oznaka: Dostava MassMessage
Thanks in advance for your attention and contributions, [[:m:Talk:Trust_and_Safety|The Trust and Safety team at Wikimedia Foundation]], 19:55, 10. september 2020 (CEST) </div>
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== Wikisource Pagelist Widget: Ready to be enabled ==
''Note: This message is in English, but we encourage translation into other languages. Thank you!''
Hello everyone,
We are excited to announce that the Wikisource Pagelist widget is now available to be enabled on all Wikisources. Any interface admin on your wiki can enable it by using the instructions on the following page:
In case, your wiki doesn’t have an interface admin, reach out to us on the ‘Help with enabling the widget on your wiki’ section of the project talk page and we will connect you with a global interface admin:
You will need to hold a local discussion around what would be the labels for different page types in your language for the visual mode. (For example, ToC = ਤਤਕਰਾ in Punjabi, title = শিরোনাম in Bengali)
Feel free to also give us any feedback on the [[:meta:Talk:Wikisource_Pagelist_Widget#Widget_rollout:_Feedback|project talk page on Meta-Wiki]] as well.
[[User:Sohom data|Sohom Datta]]
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